Monday morning, it's time to play with body shapes!

My dear four followers,

come avete trascorso il week end? How did you spent the weekend? Spero bene. I hope fine.
Mine was relaxing ... magazines, sun, listening to the music and finally, last night, a good dinner with friends.
Cateee, AlessandroB?

Cateee, AlessandroB? E voi, cosa avete fatto? And you, what have you done? Attendiamo notizie al riguardo. We await news about it.

Poiché il lunedì mattina è faticoso per tutti vorrei rendervelo un po' più piacevole con un piccolo gioco, facile facile, è lunedì mattina, no?Because is Monday morning and its challenging for everybody, I’ll make it a bit more enjoyable with a little game, really easy, because… it's Monday morning! Avete letto il post sulle forme del corpo, vero?
Have you read the post about the bodies shapes? È tutto chiaro?Is it clear? Bhè, ora lo potrete scoprire… Well, now  you can know if it was...

Provate ad abbinare a ciascuna forma del corpo sulla destra la relativa celebrità sulla sinistra.Try to match each body shape on the left with celebrity on the right. Non sbirciate subito la soluzione e, comunque, è in fondo alla pagina. Do not peek now and the solution that, however, is at the bottom of the page.

Vorrei precisare che sicuramente molte di voi non si troveranno d'accordo con le mie scelte di donne hollywoodiane per rappresentarvi meglio l' idea di forma del corpo. I would point out that surely many of you will not agree with my choices of women to represent best Hollywood's idea of body shape. And you'll have definitely right, but the celebrities, even, if they belong, in fact, to a certain category, slightly to their weight, they are almost all skinny, or in other hand, because they have excellent stylist (but not all, hehe) tend to distort their category of belonging to another...the two most favorite, rectangle and hourglass, of course. But you know that in Hollywood, as in the world, there are also many apples, pears, and strawberries to cheer us up.
Buona giornata…

Have a nice Monday morning...

M. Agatha